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 The Story

         Have you ever dreamed of selling everything and hitting the road? 

       Well, we did just that.  On New Year's Eve 2004, we handed over the keys to our 3,000 square foot house and moved into a 38' RV. We have never looked back and love our home on the road.

      This happened by chance as we backed into RVing  due to my health challenges.

     In the early 1990's I was in an allegedly sick building and developed breathing problems. I could no longer handle the cleaning product smells in hotels, motels, and B&B's. Now, I had worked for the airlines and in the travel industry my whole adult life and we were used to traveling. I was grounded.

       Ken suggested an RV and I didn't like the idea at all. I didn't camp. I was used to staying in resorts at discounted prices. 

       However, we did rent one  in 1997 and I fell in love with RVing and the freedom that it gave us. I could once again travel. I had wheels. 

       Our home on the road  story and the trips we will be taking will be posted on this web site.

        Come along with us as we continue our adventure on the road. 

        Happy Motoring…..

                   Ken and Connie

 © Connie Gleason 2012